Boy describes preparing himself to die after being set upon by ‘gang of 15’

An aspiring college student who was stabbed in the back in a brutal ’15-on-one attack’ has broken his silence from a hospital bed.

The unnamed victim, 17, recalls realising his coat was drenched in blood after walking near Birmingham’s ‘Bull’ landmark, outside the Bullring, and being set upon by a vicious gang at around 7pm on Monday, March 9.

The terrified teen, who doctors say is lucky to be alive, was approached by a group who first demanded to ‘talk’ to him – but moments later the balaclava-clad men surrounded and battered him, while horrified witnesses watched on in fear.

He tried to defend himself, but was punched repeatedly and struck over the head with what he believes was a glass bottle inside a sock.

One of the attackers plunged a knife into his back from behind, but he had no idea he’d been stabbed and ran into the Bullring for help.

Speaking for the first time from his hospital bed, he recalled how he ‘legit’ thought he was about to die.

He explained: ‘I just felt punches coming into my face, then loads of punches coming at me. There was about 15, all of them punching and kicking me.

‘It felt like something had gone inside me but I didn’t know I’d got stabbed so I ran inside the Bullring.’

The boy continued: ‘I heard them say: “We don’t want to see you in town again” and they ran towards the markets.

‘When I stopped running, I felt pain in my back and I just saw blood dripping on the floor. I took off my coat and touched my back and felt blood.

‘There was loads of blood, full of blood.’

He then pleaded with stunned shop workers to call an ambulance the red liquid pooled on the floor beneath him.

Ambulance crews and police arrived and the area outside Clarks was taped off.

The victim recalled: ‘I wouldn’t stop bleeding. My whole body was freezing, it was like somebody put me in a freezer. I was just shaking.

‘There was one point where I feared for my life where I was closing my eyes and it felt like I was going, I’m legit going.’

The teen had been on his way back from applying for a course at University College Birmingham when he was attacked.

But instead of going home from the city centre as planned, he was rushed to hospital and underwent an operation to stop the internal bleeding.

Still unsure if he was just robbed or targeted because of a dispute earlier that day, he called for an end to knife crime, claiming he was innocent.

He said: ‘Now I just feel it’s going to keep playing back in my head every time I hear someone was stabbed. I’ll think, “I was in that situation”.

‘Someone has to put an end to these stabbings.

‘It’s not always gang related, like me I’m innocent, I was just going home and they tried robbing me and that’s it you get stabbed.

‘The doctors told me I’m lucky I survived.’

West Midlands Police has yet to make any arrests and has urged any witnesses or anyone with information to come foward.

A statement added: ‘We are investigating after a teenager was stabbed near the Bullring in Birmingham (on Monday).

‘The 17-year-old boy was taken to hospital where he remains in a serious but stable condition.’

It went on: ‘We believe he was attacked by a group of men at around 7pm and that he went into the Bullring near Zara to seek help after.

‘We’re currently examining CCTV and speaking to potential witnesses as we need to identify this group.’

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